Tide Unveil Member Perks

How do Tide Member Perks work?

Tide Member Perks

In our review of Tide, we noted that it’s the various features and intuitive app that make it a strong choice for new businesses. Although there were a few niggles, it’s one of our favourite app-based finance solutions out there. One of the best things about it is that the service is free to use. Now, Tide has unveiled a new set of perks for members, making it an even more appealing option. We take a look at what you can expect from this new feature.

100,000 strong

Part of Tide’s reason for offering their new member perks is that they’ve just hit a fairly major milestone. They’ve now signed up over 100,000 small businesses to their service, showing just how popular it is.

With this achievement, they’ve decided to partner up with other, like-minded companies. According to the Tide member perks page, their mission is, ‘to save people valuable time and money.’ And, having used their service, they often do exactly this.

With competitors such as Monzo and Revolut also offering free business accounts, it’s clear that Tide is looking for advantages. We expect to see a lot of competition in this sector before long, and perks could be the deciding factor for many.

Perks for businesses

Many of the perks on offer with the Tide account are focused on their demographic of small businesses. There’s free credit, money off, and free trials of services. The full list includes:

  • £15 credit to spend on Kapten. The rideshare app is giving Tide members £5 off their first three rides with the service. Useful for when you’re on the way to business meetings.
  • 30% off Hoxton Mix. Hoxton Mix gives businesses a prime London address at their virtual office. Tide customers get 30% off all of the premium plans, which start from £10.50 (with the discount).
  • 1 week of free hot desking at work.life. Users can choose from co-working spaces in London, Reading and Manchester, and get either 50% of their first month or one week for free.
  • 25% off at General Assembly. If you’re thinking of taking a class or workshop, you can get 25% off when you sign up as a new student.

These are all fairly impressive perks, and many small business owners will make use of them.

The first of many

Tide isn’t done there – their post states that ‘we’ll be adding even more perks and benefits in the future’. Hopefully, we see more offers that are as impressive as the ones on display here. Of course, we’ll keep our readers updated with any new additions in the future.