About Numo

About Numo

Numo is the leading online business finance hub. You can find out information and read reviews and guides about a selection of business-related financial products. From business loans and credit cards to the best business bank accounts, we’re here to provide freelancers, sole traders, and small and medium-sized enterprises with an impartial view on the services that could benefit their business.

About Numo - Business and Businesspeople

Numo is business finance

We founded Numo in 2015. Our intention was to collate together all the essential information about the current landscape of business finance. Since then, we’ve made sure that we have our finger on the beating pulse of the industry.  We keep our readers up to date with the developments and details of what’s going on.  

Our aim is to provide the key details in a succinct and no-nonsense way. So, no matter how experienced you are with business finance, you can get a clear view of the products and services that matter the most to you.

All kinds of finance for businesses

There is a broad range of products available when it comes to business finance. As such, it can sometimes be difficult knowing where to start. We make sure that we cover each different type of product and service available. This includes business banking and credit cards, business loans, finance, and more. It’s vital that you have all of the details on these so that you can make an informed decision, and we’re committed to providing it.

Impartial, independent reviews

We review each service honestly and without bias. Our team works hard to deliver an unbiased opinion in every guide and article. Our in-depth reviews look at all of the positives and negatives we’ve found, allowing you to get a complete understanding of the financial product.

At Numo, we believe that customers should be able to easily compare finance options from different lenders so that they can choose the one that’s right for their business. And that’s exactly what we do.

We also operate CompareBanks, our sister brand, which helps the UK to compare personal banking options.

Find the perfect business finance lender

As well as providing a clear comparison of the choices available when it comes to borrowing and banking for your business, we also help you match with the right option for your needs. After you provide us with a small amount of information about your business, we search the market for the best possible products. We then present them to you in a no-nonsense way.